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Keep in mind as you check out these 'fun' links that most of this stuff pre-dates Lolcats — the I Can Has Cheezburger? website was launched in January 2007!

Decoder Ring Theatre - Red Panda Adventures NEW!
Need a little two-fisted superhero justice in your life? Then check out the masked protectors of 1940's Toronto, the Red Panda and his sidekick, The Flying Squirrel, as they battle the forces of darkness and oppression. Currently in it's 10th season, this old time radio adventure currently has 112 amazing episodes for your listening enjoyment. You can also subscribe to the DecoderRing YouTube Channel.

While Engrish is a worldwide phenomenon and can even be found right here in America, the vast majority of the really funny and creative Engrish is from Japan. So for the best in bad English, this is the original and best place to find it! Be assured there is no danger of them running out - ever!

Eric Conveys An Emotion
If you were an alien visitor who wanted to fit in, you'd want Eric to teach you how to express yourself. Eric's site demonstrates the full range of basic human emotions and much more, such as dealing with being stuck in perptual motion, contemplating whether the glass is half empty or half full, and even how to hamster dance!

Nine out of ten doctors recommend getting more Lileks in your diet because it provides 110% of your daily requirement of belly laughs. Improve your health today by visiting The Institute of Official Cheer with its Gallery of Regrettable Foods, The Art of Art Frahm (Got Celery?), The Dorcus Collection, the Orphanage of Cast-Off Mascots, and much more.

Not-The Sarah Heiner Thread
This was a link to something nostalgic from RATMM (rec.arts.tv.mst3k.misc), but it was located at a GeoCities site. Which means that now, instead of getting the ultimate cascading Usenet thread, you get Rickrolled instead!

Ze's site has a blog in which he doesn't always write, but it's not because he forgot about you. Hey, he likes you the best! In fact, if you want to know just how important you are to Ze, read this (just don't tell the others).

Meanwhile, the site is still a treasure chest of fun, with educational videos to help you learn to do important things like dating and dancing, plus lots of interactive toys and games, stuff to read and stuff to watch. Please DO NOT go there if you are in a hurry or have a life.



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