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One of the best, and friendliest places on the web if you love chocolate and/or coffee. Whether you're looking for some friendly chitchat over a cup of joe, laughter over a latte, or a chock full of chocolate recipe, this is the place to visit.

The Brassbright Chronicle NEW!
Home of 'The Flight to Brassbright', Lori Holuta's first novel. Also a place to find all sorts of vintage steampunk fun.

A License to Quill NEW!
Home of Lori Holuta's 'Writing Floatsam on the Shores of Literacy', aka stuff about her writing and writing references.

Lori's Victory Garden
Lori's original footprint on da web. It mostly served as a portal to some of her favorite places, but was also home to the web-reknowned Tribute To John Agar.


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